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The Winning Touch 


All of our services are quote dependent, we discuss your vehicle and which areas you are more concerned about during the visit, We are not a regular car wash we take pride in out work we want to provide a premium experience no matter the task at hand.


Full interior/exterior Details 

starting at $275

Your vehicle will be inspected and we will go over your priority regard the vehicle, we start with a pre rinse, foam wash and use our three bucket method to reduce scratching, the vehicle is dried off and a spray sealant is applied along with tire shine,

the interior receives a vacuum, all panels are decontaminated and a protectant is applied. all glass is then cleaned for a streak free finish. 

please note this does not include use of extractor,steamer or conditioner for leather. 


Ceramic Coating 

starting at $300 for one year on paint 

Kenzo Coating starts at $1300 5 year coating 

We are proud to offer IGL coatings for all your ceramic needs wether it be paint ( 1 year or 5 year) , glass,wheels,interior or even custom items such as small leather goods (purses or shoes) we can even do your BBQ. 

Contact for quote,

note one year ceramic coatings do not come with paint correction. 


Paint enhancement starts at $300
step one correction starts at $450 
2 step process starts at $650
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